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When was the last time that you answered a call on your cell phone that showed up as Unknown on the caller ID? If you’re like most people, then you like to know who is calling you so you can respond appropriately. As a business owner at, we have two great features that allow you to set your desired caller ID number and name within your account settings. Before we dive into setting this up, I would like to clarify two important facts: The caller ID name can only be set for a United States local number on your account. We publish your caller ID name information to the National Caller ID Name database once every 24 hours. However, it may take up to 30 days for the name you entered to reflect on all phone systems. Now that we know those two important pieces of information, let’s walk... Read More →

If you are like many small business owners, then you are probably using in tandem with your cell phone that also takes your personal phone calls throughout the day. has a great set of feature selections that will allow you to identify callers that dialed your number rather than your personal line. They include: Call Screening: When you answer the call it will announce the caller’s ID, the called number, and the option to press 1 to accept or 2 to reject the call. While you are listening to this announcement the caller hears your selected ring tone. Voice Tag: When you answer the call the voice tag will play that you specify in your settings. For example, if you enter “Business Line” for your voice tag, upon answering the call you will hear “Business Line” and then the call will connect. The caller will not hear... Read More →

When setting up your call forwarding, it’s important understand how your incoming calls are counted against your monthly minute pool. There are two possible scenarios: Incoming calls are counted against a monthly shared minute pool amongst all regular extensions on your account. Incoming calls are considered unlimited minutes when forwarded to an unlimited extension and are not counted against your shared minute pool. To dispel how this whole process works, and to also provide a template for taking advantage of your unlimited minute extensions, I have included the steps below which will show you how to forward your calls to your unlimited extension. Please keep in mind, your calls will not be unlimited unless you specifically forward your number to your unlimited extension, and then forward your unlimited extension to your intended destination. If this sounds confusing, here is a simple flow of how your forwarding should be set... Read More →

We are excited to share the newest update to our iPhone app, which will now allow you to place and receive calls using VoIP instead of your cell phone minutes. This will transmit all calls using your cellular data or WiFi connection. Let’s walk through how to set this up on your app and account. Receiving VoIP Calls In order to receive VoIP calls on your iPhone app, you will need to add a mobile extension to your account and forward your calls to this extension. To add the extension: Mouse over Configure and select Add a User/Extension. Select Mobile Extension. This will add the mobile extension to your account. You will now need to forward your calls to your mobile extension. Please see the guide on how to forward your number for detailed instructions. Placing VoIP Calls These instructions assume that you are already signed into your iPhone app. If... Read More →

Tired of all those spam callers wasting your minutes? We have several strategies to  help save your valuable minutes including: Blocking callers by a specific caller ID number or area code. Blocking all anonymous calls that have an unknown or blocked caller ID. Let’s walk through how to configure both of these options on your account. Blocking by Caller ID or Area Code Mouse over Call Info and select Manage Spam Callers List. Select Add A Number To Block. Enter the full number with area code in the Block incoming calls from section. Select Add to add your number or area code to your block list. If you only want to block an area code, be sure to check the Starts With checkbox after entering the area code to block. Blocking Anonymous Calls Please Note: You will need to set this setting on each separate number on your... Read More →

Need to be notified of voicemails when you’re out of the office? With voicemail notifications, you can have a notification of your voicemail sent to you via email or text message that you can listen to while on the road. Voicemail notifications are enabled on an extension-by-extension basis. Let’s walk through how to enable this setting on your account.  Enabling Voicemail Notifications for Email Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit for your chosen extension. Scroll down to the Voicemail Notification Settings section. Select the checkbox for Send an email notification to Enter the email addresses you want notifications sent to. Multiple emails can be listed and separated by commas. Select Save Changes. Email notifications will attach an audio copy of the voicemail that can be listened to directly from the email. Enabling Voicemail Notifications for SMS Text Messages Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users... Read More →

Tired of listening to each and every voicemail? offers a voicemail transcription feature which will transcribe your voicemails to text. We offer two forms of voicemail transcription: Human Assisted Transcription: The first minute of your voicemail message is transcribed by a human. Automated Transcription: Voicemails are transcribed to text via our automated computer system. Voicemail transcription is activated on an extension-by-extension basis. Let’s walk through how to enable this feature. Activating Voicemail Transcription Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit for the extension you want to activate transcription on. Scroll down to the Voicemail section. Select the checkbox for Voicemail Transcription. Select either Human Assisted Transcriptions or Automated Transcriptions. Select Save Changes. After saving your changes, voicemail transcription will now be activated for your chosen extension. You can replicate this process for all the extensions on your account that you want voicemail transcription for.  That’s it... Read More →

Schedule exceptions are an easy and efficient way to account for holidays, meetings, or other engagements that are outside of your normal business schedule hours.  We recently updated schedule exceptions to make them even easier to manage! You can now choose a specific holiday from a list and immediately add it as an exception.  Let’s walk through how to set schedule exceptions on your account for holidays and custom date ranges.  Note: This guide assumes that you have already created a schedule on your account. If you haven’t yet, see our guide for creating a schedule. Setting a Holiday Exception Mouse over Configure and select Manage Schedules. Select Edit for your chosen schedule. Select Yes in the Holidays and Date Ranges section. Select the Add a Holiday tab. Select your holiday in the Holiday drop-down box. Select Add. Select Save Changes. Setting a Custom Date Range Exception Mouse over Configure and select... Read More →

Menus (or phone trees) are a great way to enhance your customer’s experience with a professional greeting and a listing of department options for your business. Creating a menu on your account requires the following steps to complete: Add a greeting for your menu that outlines the number selections a caller can enter (e.g. press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service). Add a menu and attach your greeting. Set up the forwarding options for each number prompt on your menu. Forward your number to your menu. Now that we understand the process, let’s walk through this step-by-step. Adding a Greeting Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting. Enter a nickname for your greeting in the Nickname field. Record your greeting using either Text To Greeting, Record From Phone, or Upload New File. Select Save Greeting. Adding a Menu Now that your greeting is made, you’ll add... Read More →

If you don’t want your business phone ringing at all times of the day, then schedules are the feature you’ll need to get some rest after a long day. With schedules, you can specify a specific set of hours that your phones will ring for, and have all calls outside of your business hours go directly to voicemail. To add a schedule on your account, you’ll need to: Add a schedule to your account for business hours. Apply this schedule in your Call Handling Rules where you forward all of your calls. Adding a Schedule Keep in mind, you may need multiple schedules to accommodate your unique scheduling needs. This example will show a basic one schedule setup. Mouse over Configure and select Add a Schedule. Enter a unique name for your schedule in the Schedule Name: field. Select your Schedule Type. Set your schedule hours in the Hours section.... Read More →

Our Communicator softphone will turn your already robust computer into a fully-featured phone, with the ability to: Place and receive calls using your number as the caller ID. Manage your extension inbox to view faxes, SMS, and voicemail. Access your extension’s address book to manage your contacts. Let’s walk through how to set this up on your account. Adding Your Communicator Extension Mouse over Configure and select Add a User/Extension. Select Communicator for the extension type. Select the checkbox to agree to the licensing terms. Select Add Communicator. Downloading the Communicator Softphone Once you have added your Communicator extension to your account, you’ll then need to download the softphone and install it on your Mac or PC.  Download communicator Once that is installed, you’ll need to retrieve your login information within your Communicator extension settings.  Logging Into Communicator Please Note: The username and password for Communicator is not the same username and... Read More →

Every account includes the ability to set up a digital voicemail system with a customized greeting. You can then have your voicemails emailed to you or sent as a text message. No more missing voicemails while you’re out on the road! To set up your voicemail system, you’ll need to follow several steps: Add a voicemail greeting to your account. Attach your voicemail greeting to your extension. Forward your number to your voicemail. Let’s walk through each step now.  Adding a Voicemail Greeting Mouse over Configure and select Add a Greeting. Enter a Nickname for your greeting. Record your greeting with either the Text to Greeting, Record from Phone, or Upload New File option. Select Save Greeting. Attaching Your Greeting to Your Extension Mouse over Configure and select Mange Users & Extensions. Select Edit for the extension you want to have voicemails left on. Scroll down to the Voicemail... Read More →

Forwarding your number is the first step you will want to take when first setting up your account. Your number can be forwarded to a variety of locations, including: Your cell phone or land line Your communicator soft phone Your business menu or voicemail Regardless of where you forward your number, the actions you take will be similar for each process. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate a basic forwarding setup to an external number or extension.  Forwarding Your Number Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers. Select Edit for the number you want to forward. Select Edit for Number Action. Change Select Operation to Forward Call. Enter your desired number or extension in the white box. Select Save Rule Settings. The above example will forward calls to your desired extension number or external number. Additional actions can be added with the Add Next Action selection.  For example, if... Read More →

Every extension on your account includes a free conference bridge number to easily set up a conference call. There are some great benefits to this free feature, including: High definition voice quality Up to 500 participants Unlimited minute usage Accessing Your Conference Bridge Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions.  Select Edit for your chosen extension. Select Conferencing on the left-side navigation bar. Select Get Conference Bridge. Your Conference Bridge Number and Moderator/Conference PIN will be listed on the HD Conferencing page.  Beginning a Conference Call Call into your Conference Bridge Number and enter your Moderator Pin. Provide the Conference ID and Bridge Number to all of your participants. Once the moderator joins the conference call, it will automatically begin. Below are some moderator controls to take advantage of: That's it for today, see you next Monday for some more knowledge!Read More →

The ability to send and receive text messages (SMS) is included in every plan. What does this mean for you? Unlimited texting to any U.S. local number! Sending a Text Message Sending a text message is done within any extension on your account. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit for the extension you want to send a text message from. Select Send SMS on the left-side navigation bar. Enter the number to text in the To: field. Enter your message in the Message: field. Select Go to send your text message. Note: If Send SMS is not showing up on the left-side navigation bar, then you need to set an outbound caller ID on the extension Settings page. A copy of your text message will be saved in your extension’s Inbox for your records.  Receiving a Text Message Before you can receive a text message on your number, you must first enable SMS forwarding... Read More →

Tired of using your cell phone minutes to place and receive phone calls? We have a great option that allows you to handle these calls using your cell phone data plan or Wi-Fi. To get started, you will need to: Add a Mobile Extension to your account. Purchase CounterPath’s Bria app for the iPhone or Android. Adding a Mobile Extension to Your Account Mouse over Configure and select Add a User/Extension. Select Mobile Extension as the extension type. Select Add Mobile Extension. Once the mobile extension is added to your account, you will need to get your login information for the Bria app.  Finding Your Login Information for Bria Mouse over Configure and select Manager Users & Extensions. Select Edit for your mobile extension. Select View Server Details to display your username and password. Setting Up Your Bria App Select on the Select Provider screen. Enter your name or... Read More →

Faxing has never been easier with! Say goodbye to your fax machine and enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving faxes digitally from your computer. Every account includes the ability to send faxes without any additional charges. To receive faxes, you’ll need to add a dedicated phone number to your account that only receives faxes.  Sending a Fax Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Select Edit for the extension you want to send a fax from. Select Send a Fax on the left-side navigation bar. You’ll now be on the send a fax page where you can upload your attachment, enter the number you want to send your fax to, and preview what your fax will look like.  Be sure to enter your email in the Send a confirmation email to: (Fig. 1) field as this will be your only confirmation that your fax sends... Read More →