Our customers are pretty savvy! They will often scan our website and device docs before calling us for help. We realized that adding a robust knowledge base, where customers could find setup tips, browse phone features or resolve common issues, was a no-brainer. It’s with that in mind that we are thrilled to unveil the new Support Center! Here you'll find a true hub of information, including set-up guides for businesses of varying sizes, helpful write ups on our many features, and a great list of FAQs that address the top issues our customers face. Take Note! There are three things you should know about our new Support Center: We are far from done. A great support center is dynamic, constantly being updated to ensure that it delivers the most important information. We will be covering a lot more of our features and options soon! Your voice is essential. We want to hear from our customers. What can we... Read More →

You may have noticed that a few things have changed here at Most notably, this shiny new website! While our communications platform and delivering rock-solid phone service to our business customers remains our focus, we knew there was plenty we could do to improve the way we talk about’s pricing and product offering to the world. And so we present our brand new website! Thinking Forward The refreshed represents not only a slick new site where you can learn all about our product and services; it’s also a focused effort to place design and your user experience at the forefront of the brand. With our greatest single benefit being a really cool self-service platform, it goes without saying that having an online experience that “makes sense” is very important. This new website is just the beginning, and over the coming months we plan to extend this design philosophy to our product UI, as well as updates to our mobile apps and... Read More →

Need all the bells and whistles at just the right price? now sells two new Panasonic phones that deliver features, functions and value to meet the needs of just about any growing business. The Panasonic UTG200 and Panasonic UTG300 offer plug-and-play operation, feature-rich interfaces and unmatched HD performance. CEO Ari Rabban says he's happy to add the UTG200 and UTG300 to the company's device lineup. "Every time we can offer our customers the features, flexibility and great price they're looking for, we know we've met their needs." Big Benefits These SIP-based plug-and-play models let you add handsets and phone numbers quickly as your business expands. Next-generation features and interoperability are designed to enhance communications and lower expenses. Take a look at the specs! Panasonic UTG200   3.5-inch backlit color display Up to 4 HD (G.722) extensions Gigabit Ethernet passthrough Power over Ethernet (PoE) $199.95 from More Info: Spec Sheet | Quick Start Guide | Operating Instructions Panasonic UTG300 5.0-inch backlit color... Read More →

Have you been wanting to transfer your toll-free number to but aren't sure how? Now is a great time to join us for an informational webinar where we’ll cover all the details to ensure your number transfers successfully to us. We offer some great benefits for transferring your existing toll-free number to our service, including: Free transfer process. Regardless of the type of number, we will never charge you a fee for transferring your number to us. If this is going to be a secondary number on your account, be sure to check out our pricing page for monthly costs. A dedicated number transfer team. We’ve got a dedicated staff that will walk you through the entire process for transferring your number. You’ll know exactly which forms you need to fill out to make the process flow as quick as possible. No downtime. After beginning the number transfer process... Read More →

One of the most challenging aspects of this technological age is maintaining the healthy divide between your work and life hours. With a multitude of devices within reach at any given moment, it can be challenging to tune out of your business and relax. Thankfully, with your phone service at there’s an easy way to get some rest and relaxation after business hours with our scheduling feature. This feature has some great flexibility, including: Set your schedule hours once and forget it. There’s no need to constantly manage your schedule hours. Set it once, apply it, and enjoy your after business hours silence. Create exceptions for holidays and unexpected meetings. Don’t want to receive calls on all the major holidays? Set them once in your schedule settings. You can also set specific date ranges for unexpected meetings or extended lunches. Configure daily custom schedules for flexible forwarding. If you... Read More →

As businesses and home users set aside traditional analog phone services, replacing them with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), one of the challenges becomes allocating the right amount of bandwidth to your Internet phone service. How much of your current bandwidth is needed for high-quality voice calls? This is a question we are asked every day by our customers. Start by asking yourself a few questions: What is the actual data upload and download speed that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) delivers? What other services and applications on your network consume a portion of that available bandwidth? Are there Quality of Service (QoS) settings that you can tweak to optimize your network for VoIP? Minimum and Recommended Bandwidth for VOIP Service The bandwidth that our VOIP phone service requires depends on the number of concurrent calls you want to make. The table below shows the minimum bandwidth required to make... Read More →

Are you still writing your business contacts on random pieces of paper, or maybe you are tired of having your business and personal contacts mixed together? If so, has a great address book feature included with every account that makes managing your business contacts easy and efficient.  There are several benefits to using our address books, including: Importing contacts is simple. Want to transfer your contacts from AOL, Gmail, Plaxo, Windows Live, or Yahoo? We’ve got you covered with an automated importing tool to handle the job. Extension specific contacts. Got a staff of employees that all have their own contacts? Each extension on your account gets its own dedicated address book. Call forwarding based on a specific contact. Your can route calls from your premium customers uniquely based on specific address book contacts. Don’t miss out on learning about this great feature! Join us for a free 30... Read More →

As a small business owner, are you satisfied with your phone service? Wonder where to find the reliability you need or how to scale your phone system to serve your growing enterprise? You're not alone. A recent report from Software Advice, a Texas-based service that matches businesses with best-in-class software solutions, suggests that nearly 60 percent of companies currently looking to upgrade their phone systems are looking for a sophisticated VOIP service, one that is both reliable and scalable. Top Reasons for Considering VOIP The report highlights the top features, pain points and reasons that business owners are looking to VoIP. What Do Smaller Businesses Need? 77 percent are looking for a web-based, hosted PBX solution Of the nearly 60 percent of respondents considering VoIP, one third were still using traditional landlines in their businesses Only six percent of those who took the survey were IT specialists, which suggests that good technical support,... Read More →

As a small business owner, time is one of your greatest assets, and also something that seems to be in a constantly short supply. The last thing you need to be doing is tinkering with your phone system, which is why has some great preset features that will save you some valuable time. Presets allow you to: Save your settings in templates. These templates can then be quickly applied elsewhere on your account without having to set them up manually repeatedly. Edit your call forwarding in one location. When you save your call forwarding as presets, you can manage all of these templates in one location. A unified approach to call management. Let your employees manage their own call forwarding. Because presets can be saved on an extension specific level, your employees can manage their own call forwarding. Want to learn more about presets? Then join us for a... Read More →

Apple recently unveiled their new iPhone 6 and it’s bigger and better than ever. If you’re considering upgrading, or perhaps this is your first iPhone, then why not take advantage of our iPhone app with that new phone of yours?  As a business owner, staying connected with your clients while outside of the office is critical. With our iPhone app, you can fulfill most of your business's communication needs without being at your desk, including: Placing calls with your number. No need for a desk phone to accomplish this. Our app allows you to use your number as your outbound caller ID on all calls. Sending faxes directly from your cell phone. Got a last minute fax you forgot to send from the office? Use our app and send it directly from your phone. Managing your inbox. Check your voicemails, sms text messages, and faxes directly from the... Read More →

If you are running your business from your home office on a land line, now is a great time to consider switching to a VoIP solution. VoIP offers many excellent benefits for a business owner that a land line simply can’t compete with, including: Exceptional call quality. Enjoy crystal clear, high-definition audio quality with a VoIP phone. A land line will never be able to match the clarity that a VoIP phone can offer. More features. Does your land line include menus, dynamic call forwarding, schedules, and the handful of other features that VoIP offers? These features are necessary to run a successful business these days. Less Expensive. offers competitive pricing as compared to a land line, with flexible minute options scalable for all businesses. Compared with all the features you get with a VoIP service, the price vs. benefits far exceeds that of a land line service. If... Read More →

Your next conference call doesn’t need to end up like this: With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure that your next conference call is awesome, informative, and runs smoothly. Here’s 3 tips to make your next meeting the best one yet: Practice beforehand. If this is your first time using your conferencing software, then spend some time before the actual meeting learning how everything works. Each service has unique methods for muting/un-muting callers, or ending the call. Have a backup plan. Technology has its moments of random oddities. Ensure that everyone on the call has a copy of the presentation slides, agenda, and an alternate call in number. Have attendees mute themselves. Nothing ruins a presentation more than the background noise of someone listening in on your call in what sounds like an airport. Let everyone know how they can mute and un-mute themselves when they want to talk. Now... Read More →

Traditional faxing is soon to become an obsolete obstruction in your home office setup. Those big, bulky devices are being replaced with cloud-based solutions like the one that offers, which allows you to send faxes directly from your computer or smartphone.  Here’s 3 great reasons to start sending and receiving digital faxes today with You can send a fax wherever you have your computer or smartphone. Faxes can be sent digitally directly from your account, or you can send them from our iPhone app. Be notified of your received faxes via email. No more sitting around the fax machine waiting for a fax to arrive. Be notified right when you get your digital fax through email. Reduce your paper clutter. You can save copies of your faxes as PDFs on your computer and reduce all of that paper clutter in your office. Ready to toss that fax... Read More →

With so many companies building an online presence, it's easy to forget that we still rely on the humble telephone to do business and create success. Small companies use their phone lines to answer customer questions, take orders and deal with vendors, which is why a memorable vanity number is such a valuable asset. What is a Vanity Number? A vanity number is a local or toll-free phone number made up of a string of numbers or letters that are either easy to remember or represent your business well. For example, 858-555-5000 or 1-800-FLOWERS. Software Advice, a Texas-based service that helps businesses select the right software for their needs, recently published a great decision tree (shown below) that will help you choose the best vanity number for your business. At first glance, the chart looks a bit intimidating, but the process is simple: Find the best word or phrase to represent your business... Read More →

Are you a developer looking for a custom telephony solution? Learn about the new API in this 17-minute webinar by our API Product Manager Aaron Rosenthal. You'll learn about the features supported by our API and ways you can integrate them into your business applications. The webinar includes: An introduction to the API About the new SMS API service Creative ways to use SMS (text messaging) in your business How to integrate SMS into other business applications About the API Beta program If you are interested in participating in the API Beta, please visit to request an invitation. View the API Webinar slide deck (PDF)Read More →

At we take pride in helping small businesses grow. This week's customer testimonial may leave you craving sweets, so consider yourself warned. That said, do you Wanna Cupcake? Jim and Karie Romano, the owners of Wanna Cupcake?, have been with since 2012 and our services have helped their Washington-based business grow sweeter through the years. They have a passion for creating awesome cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats, all made from scratch with the finest ingredients. A number of features help Wanna Cupcake? provide quality service to make each visit to their store and every special event memorable.  "We are able to have a phone menu, multiple extensions, voicemail and much more that would not be possible to afford with a traditional phone service provider," they emphasize. At Wanna Cupcake? flavors change every day!  To keep their customers informed, they simply pre-record a greeting with the flavors of... Read More →

Traveling internationally can be a major problem for small business owners when they find that using a cell phone can incur enormous roaming charges. In fact, even if you do not answer your phone, you may pay $1-$2 per minute for every call that rings when you are roaming overseas! has a way to help business people save substantial money on phone costs when traveling. The idea is simple. Before you board the plane, you forward your cell phone calls to your business telephone number (follow instructions from your cell phone provider for that. For example – click here to see how to do it on an AT&T cell phone). When you reach the destination country, you purchase a low cost “pay as you go” SIM card and place that in your (unlocked) cell phone or rent a cheap phone with the SIM card. At your convenience from... Read More →