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Hardwire Ethernet Connection Through Your IP Phone

by Jeb Brilliant

Ethernet-In_Out-300x205I just learned something that I’d been wondering for years but never got around to checking out until now. It’s something that most of you may already know but I hope I can enlighten at least 1 person from this blog post. I’ve always used a laptop and until the last few years I’ve never had a desktop phone. All this means that I haven’t had to plug an ethernet cable into my laptop because of WiFi, so when I got a our Polycom IP450 desktop phone I had to run ethernet to it from my wireless router to get a dial tone.

What I learned today is that almost all the wired IP phones we sell have ethernet pass through. Meaning you can daisy chain your hardware. If you only have 1 ethernet wire at your desk you can plug it into your IP phone then run another ethernet cable to your computer.

This may seem very simple or even silly if you have WiFi at your office but I’ve been uploading many gigabytes of family video’s today to the cloud and if I would have been hardwired to the internet it probably would have taken much less time.

Out of curiosity, if you have WiFi at your office do you still plug your laptop into the ethernet or just go wireless? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

In-Call Transfer So You Can Keep Moving

by Jeb Brilliant

I got a call last week but I had to leave my office to pick up my daughter.  Problem is, I couldn’t hang up and I don’t like being late to pick her up from school.  I remembered that one of our In-Call Features during an incoming call is to transfer an ongoing call from one extension to another and that’s exactly what I did.  I was on my desktop IP phone the Polycom IP 450 which by the way has amazing sound quality.  All I did was press “Confrnc” and the extension that forwards to my cell phone.  Next thing I knew I was on the call on my mobile phone and walked out my front door.

I know some of you already use this feature, all kinds of businesses do but it was my first time being in this situation and being able to use it.  I’m a one person operation in my small office, so I’ve never wanted to transfer a call before.

By the way, I decided to test this out a little more and when you’re on your cell phone and want to transfer a call to any other extension dial *2 and that extension.  It places your call on hold and rings the extension.  Once the new line is picked up you can hang up your cell phone.  I’m going to be using this a lot more I think.  I inevitably get calls on my cell phone when I’m on my way to my office and when walk into my office now I’ll transfer them my desk phone.  I’m happy to report in my non scientific testing I was able to transfer incoming calls between my Bria iPhone app, our Mobile Office app for Android (I didn’t test it on BlackBerry yet), a desktop IP phone, the desktop Communicator and a call to my personal cell phone number that forwards to.  

Are you using incoming in-call transfers?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.  

New Feature Alert! Call Notifications Are Changing The Way Our Customers Do Business

by Jeremy Watkin

One of my favorite new features is call notifications. It allows our customers the ability to receive an email or text message (SMS) notification upon receipt of an inbound phone call to a phone number and/or an extension.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of our awesome customers, John Savidge of Montron LLC. His company specializes in advertising campaigns via electronic media (radio and television) in the education and the medical, legal and automotive industries. They use phone numbers in their advertisements and gauge the success of a campaign by the number of calls they receive.

Prior to the release of call notifications, John and his team would send a weekly report to their clients listing the calls that were received in response to a particular ad campaign. Clients would then call anyone back that they may have missed. The problem with this model is that any missed calls are missed leads and when addressed on a weekly basis, are likely very cold.

With call notifications, John’s clients now receive an instant notification of a call and have the ability to call that lead back while it’s still hot. John’s clients are happy, John is happy and is happy. I call that a win-win-win!

Please check out our new call notification feature in your telephone number and extension settings. I saved the best part for last. It’s totally FREE! ALL of our customers can take advantage of it today.

Can’t Live Without Voicemail to Text Transcription

by Jeb Brilliant

I’ve been in Europe all week for a mobile phone trade show plus some meetings and as life continues at home I was getting calls that I had to take. In particular I’m helping plan a wedding reception for my cousin so the family and friends can meet his new wife. Lucky for me, I’m doing all the planning including working with the catering company as well as the facility. Some staff needed to talk to me but because of the time difference they kept missing me and left me voice messages.

I’m happy to report that by having my voicemail transcribed by and emailed to me I was able to read them and then respond as needed when they called my number. No more paying for roaming to listen to voicemail when I’m outside the US. I was able to read my message, I could text that person back or call them directly from my email. This saved me a lot of time and money but more importantly, it made my life just that little bit easier.

Voicemail Transcription from costs 25¢/message for human transcription and for our less expensive automated system it’s just $1.50/month. This is one of those services that can really ease some stress and if it’s out of your range every month you should

Change your Business Perception with a Vanity Toll Free 800 Number


Perception is everything in business, but have you ever stopped to think how your phone number may be impacting your quality of service? A good example of what I mean is our friend Chris.

Chris is a photographer…

He has gigs across the U.S. but his local telephone number tells another story…It says, “I’m limited.”

“I may not be able to serve your event, because I’m all the way over here….and you’re way over there.”

When the economy is strong and you have no choice but to turn local customers away, it’s not something you worry about. But when markets shrink, and you need to capture every lead – you need greater reach within the market.

Chris noticed that his call volume began to drop, and all but fell silent the further potential customers were from his immediate area code. Even though he was willing to travel, was his local telephone number giving the wrong perception? Was he sending the wrong message to customers before he ever met them? Being a savvy entrepreneur that he is, Chris called his friend Jeb at and asked how a toll free number may impact his business.

Toll free numbers are not limited to geographical locations. They represent a well-established business, and they allow a greater reach. Now when Chris hands someone his business card, he knows he is not immediately dismissed based on location, and in today’s competitive world this may give him an advantage. Just as a customer has freedom to reach companies outside their local community via the web, so too companies should have the freedom to reach beyond their geographical location and appeal to out-of-the-area customers. And in today’s have-it-your-way world, offers Vanity Toll Free numbers that can spell out your business name within the number.

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