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Jeremy Watkin is the Director of Customer Service at and co-founder of (and on Twitter: @commbetterblog ); a blog dedicated to learning about good and bad customer service with the intent of providing awesome customer service for

Did You Know We Collect Smiles?

by Jeremy Watkin

smileboxI wrote a post on Communicate Better Blog about a year ago about the importance of being a smile collector. Erica, one of our awesome customer service representatives, introduced me to the concept when I told her that an email she’d sent made me smile.  She responded by saying, “That’s great! I collect smiles!”

That phrase has really stuck with us. In fact, all good feedback, internal or external, makes us smile. Plus, we love making our customers smile!

We now have a Smile Box in our office and every bit of good feedback goes in that box. Names are drawn from the box periodically and we celebrate the smiles together as a company. We go a step further and produce an internal Smile Report every month with all of the amazing feedback from our customers.

I was just reading some of the feedback from this week’s drawing and immediately found myself grinning because I was reminded of the fact that I work with some awesome people. Check out these comments:

Everything is functioning as I would like. Your CS rep was very helpful on my last call and I think I know how to set up everything that I need to.

Thanks to Juan for OWNING THE CUSTOMERS and helping them solve issues — always!

You are the best! I can always rely on you to be there when I need HELP! No matter what! Thanks for always being available, it is so important! Thank you!

Now, before you start thinking we only focus on the positive, I want to assure you that we also read and act on the negative. Guess what? The negative feedback makes us smile too and not because we have some sick desire to see people be unhappy. We smile because the negative feedback is an opportunity to improve our service in tangible ways, and we smile because someone cared enough to take the time to share it.

A Message Regarding the San Diego Wildfires

by Jeremy Watkin

For those of you outside of Southern California, a few words about the current San Diego fires and our Santa Ana winds.  Several times a year, heavy winds begin blowing from the east, temperatures rise and all moisture leaves the air — creating a climate of extreme fire danger.

For those of us based in the office in Poway, California, we know these conditions all too well.  In the midst of the wildfires raging around San Diego County we first want to let you know that we are very fortunate that our office and employees have not been adversely affected by the fires.

We also want to wish all of our friends and customers in Southern California all the best during this time.  If we can be of any help, please let us know.

Do You Have a Phone in Your Car?

by Jeremy Watkin

Take a look at this great video we came across recently. Apparently the car phone was a technological breakthrough back in 1959. If I could speak with the creator of this video, I’d have a few questions.

  • Was it legal to drive and talk on the phone at the same time back then?
  • Were dead zones a thing?
  • Did this guy’s wife let him back in the house after seeing this video?

All I can say is that what was true in 1959 is true today — spouses want to know where their significant others are at all times. Good thing has terrific mobile apps that make connecting with friends and family a breeze.

If you could speak to the makers of the 1959 car phone, what questions would you have?

Meeting Up With Other Customer Service Professionals In San Diego

by Jeremy Watkin

pizzaThis post originally appeared on our customer-service blog at

A little over a year ago, I made a terrific connection with author and customer-service expert, Jeff Toister. After attending a webinar about his book Service Failure, I began reading Jeff’s blog and communicating with him on Twitter. We eventually realized that we live less than a mile from each other, and have met a couple times to hike and talk customer service. Eventually, we arrived at the idea for a meetup for customer-service professionals in San Diego.

Last week, hosted the meetup by opening up our office and providing refreshments. I had the opportunity to share some of the key components that we strive for when we talk about achieving awesome customer service. It was fun to give a tour of our customer-service operation and answer questions from attendees.

Jeff followed up with a discussion on the common customer-service challenges that we face. You can read a terrific recap of the event on Jeff’s blog.

Without going into great detail on everything we discussed, I thought I would share a couple of my takeaways from the event. First, we had people from various companies attend, including the San Diego Humane Society and Ideal Plumbing And Heating. These are customer service people who have a completely different base of knowledge and skills, and yet they face many of the same customer-service challenges we do supporting customers over the phone!

Second, I realized that networking doesn’t have to be scary. The people at the event, like me, were looking for ways to better serve their customers. What better way than to talk about the challenges we face and what we are doing to overcome them?’s Response to the Heartbleed Bug

by Jeremy Watkin

heartbleedWe want our customers and friends to be fully aware of the Heartbleed issue.

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet.


This of course begs two questions:

What is doing in response to the Heartbleed Bug? As of 11:00 PM Pacific time on Tuesday, April 8, our engineering team applied all of the necessary patches to the network to ensure this vulnerability no longer exists.

What can you do to protect yourself as an Internet user? As many other companies have suggested, we recommend that you change your passwords for any online accounts that contain secure data and personal information, including your account.

Finally, you may have received emails from many of the companies and online services that you use. The Heartbleed Bug potentially affects so many companies that it is critical that they update their systems. Here is a list of some of the major online services and the actions they have taken.

Also, please know that the security of your data at is of the utmost importance to us.