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Upgrade Your Phone and Communication Abilities with Our iPhone App

by Derrick Lewis

Apple recently unveiled their new iPhone 6 and it’s bigger and better than ever. If you’re considering upgrading, or perhaps this is your first iPhone, then why not take advantage of our iPhone app with that new phone of yours? 

As a business owner, staying connected with your clients while outside of the office is critical. With our iPhone app, you can fulfill most of your business’s communication needs without being at your desk, including:

  • Placing calls with your number. No need for a desk phone to accomplish this. Our app allows you to use your number as your outbound caller ID on all calls.
  • Sending faxes directly from your cell phone. Got a last minute fax you forgot to send from the office? Use our app and send it directly from your phone.
  • Managing your inbox. Check your voicemails, sms text messages, and faxes directly from the app. No need to log in to your account from a computer.

Got your new iPhone and want to learn more about our app for your business?

How can I learn more?

Join us for a free 30 minutes webinar where we’ll show you how to set up your iPhone app. 

In addition, we’ll also cover all of the great features of the app including placing calls with your number, managing your inbox, changing your voicemail greeting, sending faxes, and more!


Thursday, September 18th 10:30am – 11:00am PST.


Register Now University University – How to Transcribe Your Voicemails to Text

by Derrick Lewis

Tired of listening to each and every voicemail? offers a voicemail transcription feature which will transcribe your voicemails to text. We offer two forms of voicemail transcription:

  • Human Assisted Transcription: The first minute of your voicemail message is transcribed by a human.
  • Automated Transcription: Voicemails are transcribed to text via our automated computer system.

Voicemail transcription is activated on an extension-by-extension basis. Let’s walk through how to enable this feature.

Activating Voicemail Transcription

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions.
  2. Select Edit for the extension you want to activate transcription on.
  3. Scroll down to the Voicemail section.
  4. Select the checkbox for Voicemail Transcription.
  5. Select either Human Assisted Transcriptions or Automated Transcriptions.
  6. Select Save Changes.


After saving your changes, voicemail transcription will now be activated for your chosen extension. You can replicate this process for all the extensions on your account that you want voicemail transcription for. 

That’s it for today, see you next Monday for some more knowledge!


Why You Should Use VoIP for Your Home Office Phone

by Derrick Lewis

If you are running your business from your home office on a land line, now is a great time to consider switching to a VoIP solution. VoIP offers many excellent benefits for a business owner that a land line simply can’t compete with, including:

  • Exceptional call quality. Enjoy crystal clear, high-definition audio quality with a VoIP phone. A land line will never be able to match the clarity that a VoIP phone can offer.
  • More features. Does your land line include menus, dynamic call forwarding, schedules, and the handful of other features that VoIP offers? These features are necessary to run a successful business these days.
  • Less Expensive. offers competitive pricing as compared to a land line, with flexible minute options scalable for all businesses. Compared with all the features you get with a VoIP service, the price vs. benefits far exceeds that of a land line service.

If your interest is piqued, come learn how to set up a home office phone with

How Can I Learn More?

Join us for a free 30 minute webinar on how to set up a home office phone with

We’ll teach you how to order one of our telephone adapters, connect it to your network, and start making some calls!


Thursday, September 11 10:30am – 11:00am.


Register Now University University – Setting Schedule Exceptions for Holidays and Meetings

by Derrick Lewis

Schedule exceptions are an easy and efficient way to account for holidays, meetings, or other engagements that are outside of your normal business schedule hours. 

We recently updated schedule exceptions to make them even easier to manage! You can now choose a specific holiday from a list and immediately add it as an exception. 

Let’s walk through how to set schedule exceptions on your account for holidays and custom date ranges. 

Note: This guide assumes that you have already created a schedule on your account. If you haven’t yet, see our guide for creating a schedule.

Setting a Holiday Exception

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Schedules.
  2. Select Edit for your chosen schedule.
  3. Select Yes in the Holidays and Date Ranges section.
  4. Select the Add a Holiday tab.
  5. Select your holiday in the Holiday drop-down box.
  6. Select Add.
  7. Select Save Changes.


Setting a Custom Date Range Exception

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Schedules.
  2. Select Edit for your chosen schedule.
  3. Select Yes in the Holidays and Date Ranges section.
  4. Select Add a Date Range.
  5. Specify the Start Date and End Date for your exception.
  6. Select Add.
  7. In the Date Range/Holiday List, slide the two gray blocks between the hours you want your schedule exception applied for.
  8. Select Save Changes.


The example above will set an exception to our schedule between 12pm and 3pm on September 9th, 2014.

Now that your schedule exceptions are added, they will automatically activate once the date arrives. 

That’s it for today, see you next Monday for some more knowledge!


3 Tips For Hosting an Awesome Conference Call

by Derrick Lewis

Your next conference call doesn’t need to end up like this:

With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure that your next conference call is awesome, informative, and runs smoothly. Here’s 3 tips to make your next meeting the best one yet:

  • Practice beforehand. If this is your first time using your conferencing software, then spend some time before the actual meeting learning how everything works. Each service has unique methods for muting/un-muting callers, or ending the call.
  • Have a backup plan. Technology has its moments of random oddities. Ensure that everyone on the call has a copy of the presentation slides, agenda, and an alternate call in number.
  • Have attendees mute themselves. Nothing ruins a presentation more than the background noise of someone listening in on your call in what sounds like an airport. Let everyone know how they can mute and un-mute themselves when they want to talk.

Now that you have some great tips to get you started, why not use for all of your conferencing needs? Every account provides a free conferencing bridge with unlimited monthly minutes.

How Can I Learn More?

Join us for a free 30 minute webinar where we’ll teach you how to start hosting conference calls with your account. 


  • Learn how to access your free Conference Bridge Number and PIN.
  • Learn how to record your conference call with a dedicated number.
  • Learn how to set up an international or toll-free number to make your conference calls local for callers.


Thursday September 4 10:30AM – 11:00AM PST.


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