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Small Business, Global Presence. Yes, You Can!

by Adele Fredeluces makes it easy and affordable to support a business in several countries!

Need virtual numbers in different regions and the ability to call internationally? For Ofelos Media, a client based in Cyprus, our phone service delivers all that and more!

Ofelos Media offers business and marketing services that help small companies expand and establish an online presence. Services include scanning and electronic archiving of documents, strategies for mobile and online marketing, and guidance on social media. gives Ofelos Media the telephony resources to maintain their relationships with global clients, and enables them to operate economically.

While their main office is located in Cyprus, Ofelos Media has another office almost 2,000 miles away in Denmark, with each location using numbers local to those countries. “The features we love most about the [] system is its ability to handle global numbers, which gives us a local presence in each country,” says Ofelos Media CEO Marianna Frangos.

At each office, Ofelos Customer Service Specialists also use Communicator,’s soft-phone service, along with our iPhone app, so they don’t have to buy and maintain phone equipment. Frangos says that’s good business sense. “Communication is both effective and efficient … we have no upfront investment and no hardware to maintain, so we save time and money!”

As she does for Ofelos Media,’s number specialist Jenny Dempsey can help you find the perfect local and global phone numbers for your business.  Marianna Frangos again: “’s customer service is excellent! Jenny is always keen to help us with any problems that arise, and help walk us through’s many features.”

Phone Solutions With A Point And A Click

by Adele Fredeluces

namebadgesWith some phone systems, many changes and additions require some additional assistance from tech support and may even cost an additional fee. However, with, there’s no need to worry about hidden charges or having to wait a long period of time for certain changes to go into effect.

Daniel Collela of Name Badges Inc. uses our service for that exact reason. Name Badges Inc. is your one-stop service for nametags, ID cards, nameplates and awards. You can customize your services with no additional setup fees and, like, Name Badges Inc. is dedicated to providing awesome customer service.

Name Badges, Inc. has been with us since 2010.  The previously used a PBX phone system that cost more than $30,000!  In addition to that, tech support was costly. Collela remarks, “We constantly had issues. Any time we needed to make a menu change, we had to call a tech out and get hit with $125/hr bill.” With, you just login to your control panel, make the change, save the settings and reboot (as needed).

Some features that Name Badges Inc. enjoys using include voicemail notifications through email and menus that are simple to update.  “[] took something that would take years of training to master and made it a point and click solution that ANY non-tech savvy customer could use,” David emphasizes.

As far as our customer service, Daniel had a few kind words to say: “ customer service is on the ball! You email or call them and get a response instantly. We have not had an issue that we were not able to fix or get guidance for.”

We strive to make the system as easy and smooth for customers to use. Now if you’re in need of a name badge, Name Badges Inc. can help you personalize just as easily as you can personalize your phone system at

Manage Many Telephone Numbers In One Place With

by Adele Fredeluces

CandleLogo-300-transAt, customers can manage many telephone numbers on one account. They aren’t limited to just one number per account and it’s really simple to add additional numbers and change the call handling for each number.  For Eric Enright and CandleRay Lighting, this is the one feature they enjoy the most.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, CandleRay LLC strives to provide its customers with energy-efficient technology that will help achieve long-term savings and growth. Having several numbers for their clients to call keeps them better connected and aids in building lasting relationships.  “[] allows us to easily consolidate various toll-free numbers, local numbers, and fax lines into a single system to manage everything in one place,” he says.

Like CandleRay LLC, you can set up a number local to your region and have a toll-free number for any long distance callers trying to reach you — and the calls can all route to one desired destination. You don’t have to worry about juggling between all of your devices each time you get a call into one of your numbers.

In addition, our control panel is simple to access.  According to Eric, has the “easiest and most efficient user interface” they’ve seen and it allows them to log in and make quick changes any time at the click of a button.

One of our service standards at is accessibility.  We achieve this by having a control panel that is easy to use and a service that allows customers to conveniently receive calls anywhere.  It is a privilege to make life for customers like CandleRay LLC just a bit easier.

Wanna Cupcake? Uses Custom Greetings To Announce The Flavor Of The Day!

by Adele Fredeluces

wannacupcakeAt we take pride in helping small businesses grow. This week’s customer testimonial may leave you craving sweets, so consider yourself warned. That said, do you Wanna Cupcake?

Jim and Karie Romano, the owners of Wanna Cupcake?, have been with since 2012 and our services have helped their Washington-based business grow sweeter through the years. They have a passion for creating awesome cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats, all made from scratch with the finest ingredients.

A number of features help Wanna Cupcake? provide quality service to make each visit to their store and every special event memorable.  “We are able to have a phone menu, multiple extensions, voicemail and much more that would not be possible to afford with a traditional phone service provider,” they emphasize.

At Wanna Cupcake? flavors change every day!  To keep their customers informed, they simply pre-record a greeting with the flavors of the day and then schedule them to play on a given day of the week. Jim and Karie note, “By simply managing the greeting options (SO easy to do!) we can offer our customers more than our competition.”

If you still need to contact the bakers, decorators or design specialists, you can call in and leave a message with your orders or inquiries for your special events. “Customers are really impressed when we respond to a voicemail in record time!” Jim says. With voicemail notifications Wanna Cupcake? can respond quickly to their customers, especially when they are on the go.

We also provide these features at a reasonable cost for small businesses that are starting up. I think Jim and Karie say it best, “Controlling costs is just as critical as delivering outstanding quality and service. has enabled us to have all of the features of a big business at a cost that we can afford.”

It is a privilege to enable small businesses like Wanna Cupcake? to keep their customers better connected and have a true advantage over their competition.  Don’t forget to follow Wanna Cupcake on Twitter and check out their flavors of the day! Voicemail Gives Farotech The Professional Image It Needs

by Adele Fredeluces

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at has many features that help businesses project a professional image, and voicemail is one of them! Christopher Carr, CEO of Farotech, believes it is one of the most important features for his company to have.  Farotech is an SEO firm in Philadelphia. Since 2001 they have helped many local Philadelphia businesses grow, implementing online marketing strategies and SEO service plans for each of their clients.

With regard to the voicemail system, Carr remarks, “One of the challenges that we have had as a virtual company is having a professional virtual voicemail system that works as seamlessly as a professional internal voicemail system.”   He goes on to say, “We work very hard to generate leads for our company, and we need to know that when leads call us, they have a professional experience.”

With numbers, it’s very easy to set up call forwarding to existing cell phone numbers.  As a business on the go, it helps maintain a separation between personal and business messages. You wouldn’t want clients to call in and get the wrong impression when they hear a generic or personal voicemail greeting.

Not only does Christopher appreciate our voicemail system, but he also finds our customer service staff “extremely helpful.  [The staff] guided us every step of the way and even checked in with us on a regular basis to confirm that their service met our expectations.”

If you are seeking to give your company the most professional image possible, our Voicemail feature is perfect for you.  Call us any time.  We are more than happy to help!